What a great year for the MMM!!!! This year I moved down The Wall a little ways. I hoped to get more photos of people still able to be on their bikes. I think it worked. At least I got swore at less! I seriously don't see how you all rode as far as you did in those Mountains! Congrats to all of you. And to the guy that rode up The Wall, with out stopping, with the kid wagon on the back of your bike.....WOW.

I was not able to take as many photos as I had hoped. Years of being a fire fighter has again caught up to me. With two blown out discs in my back I hung out as long as I could handle.

I hope to see you all next year, as Paul is making this event better and better every year. The photos can be found right under the race boat below. Previous years can be found farther down the page.



Never Forget

FDNY 343